About the Awards

The UX Design Awards honor the best intuitive products, services and visions worldwide. With its specific focus the singular competition emphasizes the extraordinary importance of successful human-technology interaction in all areas of life.

The Awards are annually bestowed by the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ). All successfully nominated product solutions are presented at IFA, the global trade show for digital products and consumer electronics in Berlin, reaching an international trade audience and the general public alike.

Creating User Experiences

The UX Design Awards honor holistic design that places an emphasis on people and the entire user experience.

What is the future of seamless man-technology interaction? How may products and services provide a positive experience? What are future users longing for?

In a connected product and service ecosystem marked by an increasing alignment of overall choice, user experience has become a decisive factor for market success.


Intuitive design creates products and services that add human value. Businesses that emphasize the user focus strengthen customer loyalty and thus their brand value.

The Awards offer great communication value: With a distinction for excellent user experience companies and agencies may successfully position their products, services and brands on the global market.


“Experience or User Experience is not about good industrial design, multi-touch, or fancy interfaces. It is about transcending the material. It is about creating an experience through a device.” – Marc Hassenzahl