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iGulu is a smart home brewing system. The stand-alone, microwave-sized device fits easily in any kitchen. It offers a one-button brewing experience similar to making coffee. Just add the ingredients, choose a recipe and iGulu can take care of the brewing, cooling and fermentation processes. The device allows beer enthusiasts of all skill levels to experience the creative journey of brewing. iGulu’s social app creates a community for all modern brewers to communicate, post their work and share recipes.

User Experience

iGulu has closely been following the principles of human-centered design – from the initial stage of ideation sketching to the final product. Aiming for an effortless interaction, the team developed iGulu as a brewing machine with reliable automated processes. The device enables users to brew their beer without any prior knowledge. The circle-shaped digital screen simply guides them through every step of the way. When the brew is ready, the app interface will alert users that it is time to bottle or drink their produce. Finally, the automatic cleaning feature (CIP) saves users the time and hassle of cleaning the device.