Edimax Technology Co., Ltd.

Access Point / Wi-Fi Bridge EW-7288APC AC450 5GHz

EW-7288APC is the world’s first dedicated 5GHz Wi-Fi access point. With zero setup required for your router, users can easily upgrade to dual-band Wi-Fi for the latest 5GHz smartphones, laptops and tablets. The sleek design provides a unique aesthetic form which saves space while delivering wider Wi-Fi coverage with a high performance, long-range antenna. Low power consumption means it can be powered by a router or a laptop USB port.  A hardware switch allows users to change between access point and Wi-Fi bridge mode, that can extend the range of existing 5GHz Wi-Fi as well as link a non-Wi-Fi device to your wireless network.


The EW-7288APC is genuinely simple to use, requiring only to be connected to a power source and a router. For the product’s primary purpose, there is no setup required (the product also features an additional Wi-Fi bridge mode with a brief setup process). There is a built-in hardware switch to select access point or Wi-Fi bridge mode, and usage is as simple as connecting to the product’s wireless SSID on your network device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) as you usually would with any Wi-Fi routers.