Faurecia Automotive GmbH

Active Wellness 2.0 UX

Active Wellness 2.0 analyzes bio data and remembers the driver’s behaviors and preferences. It predicts how the driver will be most comfortable based on his physical condition, the time of day, traveling conditions and driving mode. The system provides countermeasures for detected motion sickness, stress, discomfort, drowsiness and offers to take over control, if required. Fusing information from various sensors in and around the vehicle seats, Active Wellness 2.0 creates a convenient user experience for autonomous driving and provides a vital core component of the cockpit of the future.

Jury Statement

In a future of autonomous mobility, Active Wellness 2.0 UX offers a view of new and complementary systems. The concept demonstrates how an everyday product and familiar usage scenarios can be transformed and reinterpreted through a new approach. Here, the seat represents one part of a networked control system as well as the heart of an intelligent emergency mechanism that operates at the intersection of the user and the environment. Through the application of sensor technology and machine learning, it is possible to improve both the individual travel experience and road traffic safety. In the near future, Active Wellness 2.0 UX will be helping reinforce people’s capabilities as well as substantially lightening their load through its powers of anticipation.

User Experience

An integrated sensor system invisibly collects and predicts information on the driver’s condition to automatically adjust the interior systems controlling air-conditioning, comfort and infotainment according to the travellers’ needs. The Active Wellness 2.0 demonstrator visualizes all data as live animated icons, epitomizing abstract technical values in a more intuitive way.