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Acoustic service design for the Deutsche Bahn

Over 5.5 million people yearly contact Deutsche Bahn’s customer telephone service. Callers to the German railway have wide-ranging concerns. In recent years, however, the phone portal has become increasingly complex. The aim was to streamline and strategically adjust the portal to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. Shorter navigation paths adapted to customer needs were introduced – and significantly reduced the average waiting time. The interplay of research, design, strategy and management strengthens the company through a holistic service experience.

User Experience

The new telephone service is simple and has a user-friendly navigation with only eight sub menus. The navigation time has been significantly reduced from two minutes to under 60 seconds and the majority of customers reaches the right contact person in only one step – as opposed to previously three steps. This resulted in a reduction in drop-outs from 23% to 7%. The customer benefits from accurate and coherent announcements. A better interconnection between the phone portal and the website makes searches for keywords easier. All in all, the user experience was improved significantly.