Fuel ordering app for Lufthansa pilots

5000 Lufthansa pilots use an app to determine how much fuel they need for a flight. The app should help them reduce unnecessary fueling. But bad UX and poor data presentation mean this opportunity is being lost. The new concept of the app enables pilots to become more accurate by redesigning the contents and navigation in a way that suits the pilot’s mental model. It introduces industry new fuel-saving features that have the potential of reducing CO₂ emissions enormously.

Jury Statement

The re-design of this specialized application highlights a shift from technology-centered to human-focused thinking. Instead of calculating fuel based on metrics, pilots can base their calculations on flight minutes. This seemingly small step leads to a decisive change towards an intuitive way of thinking. Together with a well-thought-out visualization of the aggregated flight data, the newly developed algorithm enables pilots to make faster and more accurate estimates and thus reduce fuel waste and pollution.