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Beko POS Payment Systems

In cooperation with Beko, design studio SHERPA developed an innovative, user-centered POS payment system. Accessible from different types of viewports such as POS terminals and smartphones, the new system provides a solid information architecture and slick interface for clarity, a flexible user interface and interaction framework as well as an extensible infrastructure for sustainability. Thanks to the holistic and versatile approach, Beko POS payment systems can be used for different types of businesses globally.

User Experience

The new Beko POS payment system challenges the status quo by placing the user in the center. Extensive field research and one-on-one interviews conducted with real users revealed the problems of the current products as well as user needs. User stories that were built on these insights formed the backbone of the UX strategy and design process. The new system represents a holistic, globally applicable solution, combining solid information architecture with a flexible interaction framework and elegant design.