BMW Group Design

BMW i Inside Future / BMW Concept HoloActive Touch

The BMW i Inside Future sculpture focuses on the opportunities and challenges presented by fully automated driving. What will the user be able to do in an interior of the future? What kind of experience will a car journey offer? As BMW i Inside Future demonstrates, the car of the future will match personalisation with sharing. It also showcases BMW HoloActive Touch, BMW’s latest take on the future of in-car control and display technology.

Jury Statement

The ‘radical prototypes’ of Inside Future and HoloActive Touch take a broader view of conventional paradigms and offer a fresh and convincingly crafted vision of future mobility. The inspiring combination of analogue elements, natural materials and high tech is a challenge to the purely technology-centric understanding of the things to come. In HoloActive Touch, the technology takes a backseat, allowing the harmonious if not transcendental holographic and free-floating operating elements to unfold to full effect. Travel becomes a feeling, the operation of the vehicle a semi-tactile experience, while the exploration of contactless gestures as a means of input is indisputably pioneering.

User Experience

BMW HoloActive Touch is an innovative interface between the driver and vehicle. It consists of a free-floating virtual display projected in the area above the center console. The system is operated directly by finger movements, with an ultrasound source providing tactile confirmation of the driver’s commands. BMW HoloActive Touch fuses the advantages of the BMW Head-Up Display, BMW gesture control and intuitive touchscreen functions with revolutionary technology to create a completely new kind of user interface for the vehicle interior of the future.