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Data Encounter

Big Data, often referred to as the “new gold”, is only useful, if new actionable insights are gained. “Data Encounter” reveals structures in big data that were previously hidden, thus helping people to identify business opportunities. By projecting data into a three-dimensional space, users can easily explore massive amounts of data from different perspectives and, very importantly, observe changes in that data over time. Users can also intuitively identify and highlight data trends.

User Experience

Data Encounter supports users exploring large data pools and identifying previously hidden structures. It was designed for a natural, human-like interaction between users and the system. The user can choose any point of view within the data space using a standard or a 3D-mouse. Data areas of interest can be “spotlighted” for example by clicking directly on elements visualized within the room. The user gets the impression of “tangible” data points. Standard 2D-charts appear as special cases of the 3D-visualization, e.g. when the user looks from the top on the data pool.