DigitalDiagnost C90 Tubehead

The Tube Head with live camera and Eleva user interface enables the user to adjust the radiography system directly in the examination room, thus allowing him or her to stay close to the patient. It is controlled via a touch screen that can be operated like a tablet PC. The integrated camera supports the positioning of the patient by giving the user a clear view of the area to be examined. A touch sensor in the handle releases the brakes of the X-ray tube and ensures mobility.

Jury Statement

A live camera function reveals previously undetectable patient movements so that medical technicians can interrupt the diagnostic procedure and keep unnecessary X-ray exposures to a minimum. The combination of a camera and a fully functional user interface in the tube head supports the workflow of the medical staff by decreasing the margin of error and reducing the number of movements between the diagnostic chamber and the control room.
At the same time, these improvements enable medical staff, who are often under time pressure, to spend more time with their patients, who would otherwise have to be left alone in an often frightening situation – surrounded by large medical devices in anticipation of radiation exposure.