Samsung SDS


In order to improve logistics processes, service providers apply cuttingedge technology to monitor the freight transportation status in their control centers. However, especially when marine cargo is concerned, unexpected incidents such as strikes or natural disasters may frequently occur. The Flow application facilitates team collaboration, shortening the incident response time and reducing the risk ratio. Thus, Flow strives to provide a 24-by-7, 365-day monitoring service that offers best value to operators, shippers and teams.

Jury Statement

The Flow concept aims to fill a gap in logistics emergency response and provides a genuine benefit for operator teams on the basis of big data analysis, representing a clearly defined use case. Flow identifies risks, analyses alternative routes, carriers and costs, and provides re-routing options in one clearly structured visual overview. As such, Flow can enable operators to make informed, fact-based decisions, and can greatly relieve logistics management. Thinking beyond the limitations of a status monitor, Flow offers future development potential towards a fully functional operational dashboard.