3D Controller

FreeDee is an application that turns every smartphone into a 3D controller. FreeDee’s innovative operating concept offers a very natural and intuitive handling: FreeDee pairs the orientation of the 3D object to the orientation of the smartphone. So the 3D object seamlessly follows the movement of the smartphone in the user’s hand. Due to their connection and consistent movement, the two elements almost seem like an entity. The minimalistic interface of the app is designed to be operated only by swiping gestures.

Jury Statement

In a seamless process, the 3D controller transmits and conveys intuitive user gestures in a form that can be used by professional 3D software. Thanks to wireless pairing with a smartphone, 3D objects can be playfully rotated and scaled in space by means of hand movements. The visually appealing interface of the app has been reduced to a few essential functions and thus supports the user experience with gesture-based controls.