Heron T

Heron T represents a consistent implementation of LED technology – a single frame of recyclable material (aluminum) and energy-saving LEDs. Due to the radical reduction of form and material to a straight-lined, pleated ribbon the lamp body and foot of conventional lights are transformed to an almost coercive unity. This pure and fine form comes without a traditional switch. Thanks to an integrated dimmer you can touch the body at any point to turn the light on and off or to dim it. About 100 small LEDs on a chip result in a stream of light (10W, 4500k, optional 3300/6500K) with a pleasant uniform lighting. Heron T is suitable as a light in the office, a reading light for the bedroom and living room and in the hotel sector.


The communication with the lamp and its usability refers to the elderly, people with and without disabilities as well as children. The strong contrasts and sharp contours stimulate “a hands-on approach“.  You can touch the lamp body at any point to switch the light on and off or to dim it: literally a universal design. Heron T is very versatile and suitable for different environments.