ICAROS – Virtual Reality Workouts

ICAROS combines exercise with a VR gaming experience. ICAROS is a system to fly through virtual worlds, dive into unique game environments and exercise at the same time. It enables users to playfully improve their physical strength, coordinative abilities and reaction time. ICAROS can be used as a training device, a gaming tool or just to relieve the daily stress of life, fly above the Alps and relax.

Jury Statement

The virtual reality training device ICAROS convinces thanks to an immersive, multi-sensory overall experience with a high fun factor. The combination of VR technology and free-flowing movements in space creates a complete physical and visual user experience. Through the use of gamification, ICAROS is reaching new target groups in the fitness segment. Moreover, the system is open for the development of new visual content and thus holds great potential for user-generated development. As an immersive overall experience, ICAROS represents a compelling innovation in the world of fitness.