IntelliVue X3

IntelliVue X3 is a portable monitor, designed to deliver constant patient monitoring throughout their hospital healthcare journey. When patients are transferred, clinicians often struggle with incomplete data records caused by multiple, independently operating systems, leading to inefficiency and high potential for errors. IntelliVue X3 provides an intuitive, multi-touch gesture UI experience that quickly adapts to clinicians’ needs for continuous monitoring of critical patients during in-hospital transport.

Jury Statement

IntelliVue X3 successfully addresses a relevant use case, namely ensuring that patient data and health are seamlessly safeguarded throughout clinic transfers and treatment across different wards. The interface applies familiar interaction and visual patterns, reducing training effort and error rates. The design is versatile: the device can be easily extended with additional monitor inputs and freely attached to a patient bed during transfers, ensuring maximum visibility for medical staff while on the move.