Carl Zeiss Meditec AG


KINEVO® 900 is a Robotic Visualization System™ that supports neuro­surgeons during microsurgical procedures through a broad range of functions. KINEVO 900 combines intelligent movement and positioning possibilities whilst enabling new viewing angles and precise focusing, also on deeper-lying anatomical structures, thereby expanding
the possibilities of digital visualization in the intraoperative stage.

Jury Statement

The Robotic Visualization System excels thanks to a persuasive combination of high-performance optics and robotics, alongside a superb user interface and structured user guidance across all components. Highly sensitive robotics, quick-to-learn operating elements and high-performance optical equipment enable surgeons to focus on procedures without disturbance. The digital information architecture, range of functions and exceptional visuals of the user interface have been developed in collaboration with all relevant users. Thereby, consideration was given, among others, to the highly diverse requirements of assisting staff and the core surgical team – from system installation through to surgical procedures, all the way to postoperative evaluations. This outstanding system improves the cooperation, learning and participation of all participants, also in medical training.

User Experience

Kinevo 900 supports various surgical procedures with a broad range of functions used by both, doctors and nurses. The user interface minimizes the complexity and plentitude of functions by only showing essential information and parameters that are relevant for the current user and his or her specific procedure and workflow. Thus, users can control the device intuitively – even in stressful situations. All this is a result of the work of the company’s UX Team that continuously accompanied the users in surgeries and evaluated the concepts with prototypes.