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Kopernikus is a prototyping platform to test and evaluate the vision of home robotics. As an open-source robot, built of low priced components and manufactured with accessible tools, it can be modified easily and constitutes an intersection of robotics, artificial intelligence and design. Kopernikus is mobile, it can make sounds and project visuals. It can see, hear and is connected to the internet. Kopernikus enables creative minds from any discipline to contribute toward shaping the future of home robotics.

Jury Statement

Kopernikus is a coherent peer-to-peer starter pack for AI and robotics enthusiasts. Based on open source elements, the robotics kit offers a variety of extendable functions and potential use cases. The exterior design avoids human-like robot semiotics. Instead, Kopernikus opts for a familiar, down-to-earth metaphor, namely a basket full of high-tech goods that is waiting to be taken up and filled with content – a playful entry in the fields of robotics and machine learning.