Leica Geosystems AG

Leica Cyclone FIELD 360

The Cyclone FIELD 360 app is an element of the Leica Reality Capture 360 Solution. The application links the acquisition of 3D data via a RTC360 laser scanner in the field with office-based data storage via Cyclone REGISTER 360. Users may automatically gather, save and view scan- and image data. Thanks to graphical user guidance, complex calculations may be intuitively operated via the user interface. As a result, the system provides a positive user experience in the field of 3D reality capture even to inexperienced users.

Jury Statement

Leica’s Cyclone FIELD app impressed the jury with its image quality and immediately visible results – a noteworthy feat considering the amount of CAD data that is under the hood. The visual UI offers a contemporary touch and feel as well as easy-to-use image management operability, not unlike proven solutions for creative professionals. It is an elegant, time-saving application that simplifies the necessary technology, making it attractive for a variety of application fields.