Siemens Healthcare GmbH

MAGNETOM Vida / Select&Go

MAGNETOM Vida is the first MRI scanner with BioMatrix Technology. The powerful 3T magnet provides a large field of view as well as precise and reproducible results. The scanner adapts to individual patients and their physiology as well as to different anatomies. The Select&GO touch display comes with an intuitive user interface that is creating a natural symbiosis between hard- and software – to optimize the workflow and to enhance patients’ and users’ convenience. Floating shapes minimize the large volume of the scanner. The layering and softness of the product design as well as the patient friendly light concept supports the positive perception of the system.

User Experience

The analysis of user as well as patient needs is an essential part of the Siemens Healthineers product development. Siemens’ close cooperation with customers worldwide helps their teams to understand the different user scenarios and to detect potential for workflow improvement. For the ‘Go’ project, a cross-functional team created an easy to understand and coherent user interface that is now used across all Siemens Healthineers imaging products. User-centered evaluations proof its positive impact on users and patients.