designaffairs GmbH


Materialaffairs is a search engine, data base and a material management system for designers, engineers and product managers. It contains information on materials used in the production of products, their technical characteristics, production methods and their suppliers, including contact details. It also provides detailed pictures of the materials and application fields. materialaffairs is based on its physical collection of 1.800 unique materials, to provide a rich source of inspiration and information.


Materialaffairs was designed from the start with its users and their workflow in mind. These efforts lead to a seamless integration in the product development process and a targeted user experience for designers, engineers and product managers. The software features a nonlinear navigation, where every interaction is accompanied by real time feedback. These design techniques create a fluent and immersive experience, while searching for materials, entering data and managing products. The design language is reduced to its core elements in order to provide an easily understandable information structure and remove every obstacle between the user and the materials he/she investigates.