Daimler AG

MBUX / Mercedes-Benz User Experience

MBUX is a new infotainment system that places user experience first. Its unique feature is its learning ability enhanced by artificial intelligence. MBUX is customizable and adapts to the user. Its strengths include a highresolution, wide-screen cockpit with a touch-screen media display, AR-enhanced navigation technology and intelligent voice control with natural speech recognition, activated by the keyword “Hey Mercedes”. MBUX is rounded off by a holistic touch-control concept, consisting of a touchscreen, a touchpad in the central console and touch-control buttons on the steering wheel.

Jury Statement

MBUX is a bold approach to machine learning and voice control in the individual mobility field. The voice control feature is enhanced by machine learning, enabling a natural conversation level that adds an element of personality to the car and results in increased user satisfaction. In addition, the control concept applies AR technology to increase display readability, reduce distraction and enhance traffic safety.