MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH

MIWE go!

MIWE go! is a smart next-generation oven control. It features a clearly structured interface with a strong focus on user roles, developed on the basis of multi-stage usability tests. Everyday activities of different user types, from a master baker to temporary worker, have been clearly and intuitively modelled. A plain design with minimal yet distinctive touches of color supports users in their daily work routine. The MIWE go! interface provides key information and clear instructions from as far away as the bakery counter.

User Experience

To fulfill the requirements of a wide range of different users and everyday tasks, MIWE go! has been developed according to the principles of a us-er-centered design process. In order to ensure maximum usability, interactive prototypes were developed, that in turn were used to perform formative usa-bility tests of different operating scenarios and user roles, ranging from a master baker to a temporary worker.
In order to ensure total usability, interactive prototypes were applied with the aid of formative usability tests in order to model various operating scenarios featuring a range of user roles (master baker, temporary worker).