BSH Hausgeräte GmbH


Mykie (My kitchen elf) is a personal kitchen assistant concept by Home Connect. Mykie supports users while organizing and performing household and kitchen chores. Mykie shares helpful information with users, unites people and creates kitchen experiences worldwide, assisting in a voice-operated, intelligent way. In order to easily control the entire range of Home Connect appliances and functions, users may also interact with Mykie via a touch display.

User Experience

The development of Mykie was based on initial research aiming to test the concept and gain insights on the emotional relationship between human beings and this type of new technology. Iterative low-fidelity prototyping was used to design the Mykie interface. The services offered by Mykie were developed by considering basic user needs. As a result Mykie aims to support users in their daily life through easy-to-use interaction with this new personal kitchen assistant.