Nestlé Professional

NESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0

NESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0 – a touch-based coffee machine for professionals in the age of the Internet of Things! The machine or even complete machine fleets can be configured and maintained in real-time via the cloud. Restaurants and fast food chains are able to define their own coffee recipes and adjust their tailored user interface via an integrated content management system that provides various modes for consumers, operators, restaurant managers and technicians. The solution covers all needs and requirements for a constant premium quality, flexibility, diversity and individuality.


The NESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0 coffee machine is an easy-to-use product with a holistic user experience, integrated into the benefits of the globally networked NESCAFÉ coffee ecosystem. Designing and developing from the very beginning within a human centered design process helped us to gain detailed insights into the coffee business, to understand users’ needs and requirements and to improve the interface gradually over time. The attractive product experience and universal usability design features onscreen guidance with video tutorials, a user role specific app concept as well as customizable menus, beverages, screensavers and promotion themes.