Grant & Union Inc.


Palette is a personalized peripheral. It has a modular design that allows users to snap together physical buttons, dials, sliders and other inputs to create a tool that is personalized to a user’s workflow. A photographer can use Palette to edit photos using hardware sliders to adjust contrast and dials to adjust saturation. The use of tactile controls allows the user to engage directly with his or her work and drastically improve productivity.

Jury Statement

Palette – a customisable array of peripheral devices for computer-based work – is an impressive and novel amalgamation of digital and analogue technologies. The apparatus combines the best aspects from two worlds: a reduction to essential functions, the use of intuitive sliders and knobs, and a modular digital control concept. With great accomplishment, Palette has realised its objective of increasing productivity whilst creating a sensual and tactile experience for users. The cross-platform modular system can be playfully adapted to the requirements of an extremely diverse range of user groups. Palette is an intelligent product solution that significantly improves existing work environments through a consistent user experience.