STAT-Dx, Qiagen

QIAstat-Dx Analyzer

The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer is an intelligent system for the rapid analysis of biological samples. The operation of the device is carried out via a touchscreen, providing a simple and intuitive interaction for experienced and inexperienced users alike. The product was developed through a holistic, user oriented UX design process. A bright and friendly design with a generous touchscreen and discreet lighting appeal to users emotionally. Seamless installation of the devices, wireless supply bridges as well as premium materials and surfaces match the minimalist and clear design language.

Jury Statement

The standard practice for diagnosing samples for diseases is to send them to an external testing lab. QIAstat-Dx greatly simplifies this process. The compact, modular and accessible product enables small clinics, hospitals in remote areas as well as emergency teams to carry out fast diagnostic tests on the spot. The workflow is concise, well considered and supported by a clear visual interface. The equipment offers clear visual feedback on its operating status and requires little maintenance.