DB Vertrieb GmbH


Qixxit is the world’s first solution that outpaces all known mobility systems by combining all possible means of transport on one platform – train, bus, tram, subway, city train, long-distance bus, rental car, taxi, car-sharing, bike-sharing, car, bike, footway, ferry and plane. Despite the extensive variety of possible combinations alternative connections can be compared at a glance and booked centrally. On the go the user is guided by the Qixxit app and gets real-time information on progress, changes and delays. The consistent representational model allows superior usability and user experience across all platforms.


Qixxit is a digital product that defines an absolutely new product category in mobility applications, covers a broad functional range and communicates a massive amount of data. Nevertheless it can be intuitively used. How is that possible? The structural essence of Qixxit are „places“ and their „connections“. The interface consistently represents those via a conceptual model, providing the user with a permanent reference system. He can form a mental model without cognitive effort. Moreover Qixxit achieves simplicity by reduction to the substance. Logic grouping of interface elements creates coherent and instantly understandable meaning.