ReSound GN

ReSound LiNX 3D & ReSound Smart 3D App

ReSound LiNX 3D, the 3rd generation of the first hearing aid made for iPhone, offers extremely clear speech understanding, 360° sound location, modern control options, wireless audio connections to smartphones and many ways to customize the devices. Due to its easy smartphone controls, the system integrates seamlessly into daily life. Moreover it comes with a unique and flexible service option: if required, hearing aid acousticians can load updates to the hearing aid online, whether the user is at home, at work or on holidays.

Jury Statement

The fifth generation of the ReSound LiNX system stands out thanks to a consistent focus on the specific needs of different users – from children to seniors – alongside a recent expansion to include network capability. The cloud-based adjustment of the units by remotely based acousticians reduces the number of required medical visits and reinforces the self-determination of users. All functionalities, from the sophisticated app through to functions such as music streaming and superlative listening quality, are aimed at achieving equality for hearing impaired people in all areas of life. The networked approach opens up the possibility of a self-learning system of sensitive hearing systems that utilises swarm intelligence and thus does away with the need for manual operation. ReSound LiNX is a high-quality ‘type to voice’ product that offers high potential for multisensory applications in a broad range of usage scenarios.

User Experience

Smart connectivity extends the functionality of hearing aids fundamentally and changes their image. LiNX 3D pioneers new abilities for users and hearing aid acousticians to interact. Thus, medical-technical systems turn into multifunctional interfaces that offer great hearing and many additional functions – enhancing participation in daily life and in connected communications.