ReSound GN

Hearing aid ReSound LiNX² and ReSound Smart App

LiNX² is the second generation of the world’s first hearing aid made for iPhone. Hearing loss, hearing sensitivity and comfort preferences are as individual as a finger print. Therefore LiNX² relies entirely on personalisation: in the audiological fitting, the shaping, the connectivity with various smart phones and Apple Watch as well as the situational controlling with an app.

Jury Statement

The ReSound LiNX² hearing device and associated app have been rigorously refined and improved from previous versions. The core objectives of the auditory system – intuitive operability, inconspicuousness, accessibility – have been achieved through a reduction of the size of the hearing elements and through successful integration with the iWatch. ReSound LiNX² is a positive example of accomplished design and high user-friendliness in this market segment.