Festo AG & Co. KG

Robotic Suite

The Robotic Suite tablet enables easy and convenient programming of robot functions. A unique graphical user interface supports an intuitive operation of the BionicCobot. The tablet allows users to easily parameterize actions and to assist the robot in the initial phase. Defined tasks may be shifted at any time by drag-and-drop in a timeline. The motion sequence is simulated simultaneously and virtually displayed.

Jury Statement

Robotic Suite builds a genuine bridge between man and technology. Using the suite, workers can operate robotic “companions” in a highly intuitive way, either via drag-and-drop commands on the screen or simply by moving and recording a robot arm in the desired directions. State-of-the-art bionics contributes to a human-like sensitivity in all of the various mechanical movements. The combined ease of use enables machine operators to teach and learn at the same time. Workers can gain new abilities without complex training, alleviating fears of future workspace automation. Robotic Suite is a premium example of how dedicated, cross-cutting teamwork can result in seamless and meaningful human-technology interaction. This project sets a high bar on combining full human potential with highly accessible robotic automation.