Rollei Add Eye

The Add Eye Cam is a miniature WiFi life logging camera that is about as high as a match. The Add Eye Cam enables users to document their everyday lives automatically in a digital photo diary. The tiny camera is worn on the user’s body and, depending on the setting, takes a photo every five seconds to 30 minutes or makes HD video recordings. Thanks to a free app for Android and iOS that can be used to configure the camera’s settings, the camera connects to the smartphone or tablet and offers a live-image preview in real time. Users can then share the photos and videos quickly and easily on social networks using their mobile devices.


The Rollei Add Eye is the response to a trend on social media: life logging. Thanks to the handy camera, users can document and share their life in photos and on video, including time-lapse videos in 4K ultra-high definition. The camera is easy to operate and ready to use in no time. And due to its tiny size, there is room for it in even the smallest of bags and pockets. The wide range of accessories that comes with delivery means it can be used in any number of ways.