Rollei Selfie Stick

The Rollei Selfie Stick is an arm extension for smartphones with a built-in shutter release. With the Selfie Stick, it is possible to take photos from unusual angles, which in turn makes it easier for users to take pictures of themselves – so called “selfies”. Users simply place their smartphones in the adjustable holder. The Rollei Selfie Stick has a built-in shutter release that connects with smartphones via Bluetooth. Users no longer have to hold the mobile phone in their hand when taking pictures. Instead, the camera can be operated with just the press of a button on the Selfie Stick as well as remotely at distances up to ten meters.


The Rollei Selfie Stick was designed specifically with the aim of facilitating better pictures and extended camera angles in terms of selfies taken on smartphones. Placement of the shutter release on the Selfie Stick makes it easier for users to take selfies as it means they no longer have to press a button on the smartphone. In turn, the camera is less likely to be shaken, which reduces the number of blurred photos. Users can extend the Selfie Stick up to 95 cm, opening up a world of new angles for selfies.