macio GmbH

seca mVSA 535

Seca mVSA is the world’s first mobile medical vital signs monitor including a bioelectrical impedance analysis. The device provides a quick and comprehensive overview of the patient’s current health status and combines all measurement parameters of a routine check-up. mVSA automatically and safely transfers all collected data to the hospital system. The device supports caregivers in their daily routines so that they can spend more time with the patient.

User Experience

Instead of having to work on several devices and to merge their results, the user only needs one product that combines all measurements and takes care of the data management. The instant measurement reduces necessary interactions with the interface to essential functions, ensuring intuitive and smooth work processes. Measured values may be directly evaluated, immediately discussed with the patient and transmitted without errors to the patient data system. The simplified work routine takes the pressure off medical staff who in turn may place a stronger focus on patient care.