Grohe AG

Sense and Sense Guard

GROHE’s vision is to ensure that water is a source of pleasure. Yet sometimes water is also a source of problems – leaks, blocked sinks, burst pipes, etc. People are confronted with a damaged home and unexpected costs. Statistically, every second family experiences water damage at least once. When water gets out of control, homes become defenseless. This is why GROHE developed an early warning system: One that would alert instantly if something goes wrong or step in instantly and prevent a flood. GROHE Sense und GROHE Sense Guard: The water security system that takes care of the home.

User Experience

The GROHE Ondus app may be used anytime and anywhere to operate the GROHE Sense and Sense Guard product systems. The app monitors the status of the home water supply system, ensuring peace of mind while being away. If necessary, the water supply may be shut off quickly via a smartphone.