Edimax Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart Wi-Fi Extender EW-7438RPn Air N300, EdiRange App

EW-7438RPn Air is a tiny Wi-Fi extender featuring powerful performance and an easy-to-view LED ring light which displays the device’s status and illuminates any room with a pleasant ambience. A free, intuitive iOS & Android App incorporates user-friendly functionality such as Wi-Fi scheduling and a guest network; it can also be used as a parental control function. The helpful “good night” mode gives users a simple solution to shutting down the device and its bright LEDs during the night, while automatically reawakening in the morning. The extender’s exceptional compact size will not block any neighbouring sockets, and the setup is quick & easy.


The EW-7438RPn Air is extremely easy to use and has been designed with the primary purpose of being intuitive and simple. Initial setup is quick and simply executed in a web browser on a smartphone or PC. A smartphone app has been designed for iOS & Android to provide a convenient way to control the extender using a medium that is already familiar and comfortable to millions of users. It features a hardware WPS/Reset button for easy WPS connections or resets without the need for a PC or smartphone.