Ergosign GmbH

STILL neXXt fleet – the fleet optimizer

STILL neXXt fleet is an innovative and powerful online portal for the optimization of industrial truck fleets. The system is characterized by its user-friendly approach offering a clear and flexible visualization of large amounts of data. It provides an overview of all relevant information about the users’ fleet management and precise analyses for optimizing their fleet organization. In cooperation with STILL, Ergosign has developed a scalable, responsive design concept, which allows the fast and easy navigation between broad and specific data presentations.

User Experience

To match user behaviour and expectations, the development of the software suite has been based on design methods such as scenarios, personas and the experiences of application experts. The suite has been optimized for desktop PCs, tablets and mobile devices to fulfil different use contexts. The user interface strives to combine clarity with a large amount of information: To achieve user-friendly big data visualization, different information sources have been merged and search filters introduced to highlight the sought information.