Stroke Communication Tool

Stroke Communication Tool is a mobile application designed to enable faster treatment by providing a hospital-tailored protocol with easy communication- and information sharing among relevant stroke team members during hyper-acute stroke care. The tool allows the entire stroke team to track the patient along the care flow, access standardized patient specific information, view benchmarking and quantification of treatment time and communicate with other team members on call in an intuitive way, directly from their smartphones or tablets situated at strategic locations along the care flow.

Jury Statement

Work in hospitals and other public institutions is often obstructed by outdated and inconsistent digital infrastructure. The Stroke Communication Tool addresses a critical need in a high-risk area that is characterised by high demand for reliable systematic solutions. The jury recognises the valuable approach that has been taken towards broad knowledge access for team members in situations where collaboration and response time are of critical importance. As a systemic solution that connects to existing healthcare infrastructures, the Stroke Communication Tool has the potential to add true user and patient value in the healthcare sector.