Swisscom AG

Swisscom Digital Experience

After creating Swisscom’s original digital style guide in 2008, different teams from around the business developed new products and services. Over time, this meant that the Swisscom customer experience across the range of their digital products had become inconsistent. Therefore Swisscom and Moving Brands developed Swisscom Digital Experience (SDX), a new digital design and code repository that exists as a framework of principles, detailed product resources and foundational styles. It is designed to grow over time and remain iterative, forming a living style guide which remains open to change.

User Experience

Before SDX design and development teams had to build each new product and service component from scratch, resulting in many inefficiencies. Now every designer, developer and agency working with Swisscom gains access to both the code and design guidelines for every digital component. Our product teams are able to communicate and share information with higher efficiently, helping them to get things done, signed off and sent to market quicker. For customers in turn, SDX ensures that every interaction provides a relevant, smooth and consistent Swisscom experience.