Siemens Healthcare GmbH


syngo.via is the Siemens Healthineers’ universal imaging software for 2D, 3D and 4D reading and advanced visualization. It is a platform that helps to detect diseases through scans from radiology imaging systems such as CT or MRT scanners. The recorded images need to be rendered for analysis by radiologists afterwards. The imaging techniques of syngo.via help to make an appropriate diagnosis and to communicate the results to the patient. Multimodality, multidisciplinarity and multi-user support – syngo.via streamlines radiology, links departments and connects sites.

User Experience

In order to achieve a coherent and delightful user experience across all Siemens Healthineers’ products, syngo.via works as a platform that is the basis for all advanced applications. Once learned by the customers, it facilitates an easy shift between systems, so there’s no need to constantly learn and understand new interfaces. Through advanced workflow patterns and automation, the platform helps with daily tasks and offers support in every situation. With the new cinematic rendering, the scans offer great detail and a realistic impression of any case thus making communication with referrers and patients easier.