APPSfactory GmbH

Tagesschau-App 2.0

The Tagesschau-App 2.0 represents a new format for reporting with videos and animated images. The Tagesschau-App is the first news application in Germany featuring vertical video format. This enables users to freely rotate their mobile devices, switching between vertical and horizontal views while a video is playing without causing any interruption. This feature is based on “Pictacrop”, a worldwide novel tool for dynamic video cropping, tailor-made for the Tagesschau-App.

User Experience

Nowadays the bulk of news is viewed on mobile devices that are primarily held upright. Due to the history of cinema, TV and PC use most videos are edited in 16:9 format. Mobile viewers need to rotate devices to horizontal or accept black bars in the upright position. Neither option represents a good user experience. The vertical video technology implemented by APPSfactory in the Tagesschau-App 2.0 has significantly improved users’ viewing experience. The success has been validated by a tenfold increase in page impressions per session compared to the app’s prior version.