Touchpoint HMI

Touchpoint is a human machine interface (HMI) designed by TRUMPF and Centigrade, which can be used to operate machine tools. The interface is universally applicable to the requirements of each machine type, no matter if it is bending, laser machining or punching. Thus the users are optimally supported in their technically challenging tasks. The Touchpoint HMI shows how usability and UX design can be applied in the machine building industry.

User Experience

The design merges machine and interface to a unity. A holistic product experience is created, which is the same for all machine types of the TRUMPF brand. Touchpoint stands out through optimized workflows, adapted to different user types and operating processes. Input is intuitive, efficient and always right where it is needed. With gestures like “pinch to zoom” which are already familiar from the usage of smartphones and tablets, you can now easily control heavy machine tools.