GE Healthcare

Venue Family: First AI enabled family of Point of Care Ultrasound products

Venue Family Point of Care Ultrasound Systems are used in emergency departments and intensive care units worldwide by emergency physicians. Their toughest challenge is to identify underlying causes of shock and other life-threatening conditions and provide fast, precise and effective treatment to patients. Venue Family systems offer an intuitive user interface for AI enabled tools treating cardiac, lung and abdominal conditions, helping physicians improve patient outcome in the critical moment.

Jury Statement

Venue Family is a sophisticated product for various use cases, from clinics to mobile emergency care. Well thought-out details such as removable monitors and cable hooks increase work safety and show a high degree of understanding for the requirements and work processes in clinical everyday life. A number of assistive tools use learning algorithms to support medical staff in their workflows. The product makes optimal use of this technology and is further evidence of the deep impact of AI in the medical field.