i-mmersive GmbH

VEYE 360° System i-mmersive

i-mmersive develops and distributes the unique VEYE 360° live transmission system, consisting of a 4K panoramic camera, streaming software, 360° portal and user apps. The system is used by clients all over the world to produce and distribute high-quality 360° live streams and recordings for different devices like smartphones, computers and VR-devices. Users can experience concerts, events and happenings live and remotely in 360° – as if they were there.

User Experience

VEYE is extremely versatile: The end-to-end system includes all necessary components such as camera, stitching software, streaming servers and user apps in a single platform. The cam-era software’s different skill levels support a wide range of use cases – from spontaneous recording to complex professional settings. The reduced design makes the inconspicuous camera blend into the surroundings, making filmed persons act in a more natural way. Designed for trouble-free, continuous operation the VEYE system may be applied in manifold ways, even as a webcam or surveillance camera.