Deutsche Telekom AG

Virtual Reality ‘Basketball’

With the aid of Virtual Reality, Deutsche Telekom turns the live-broadcast of a basketball game into a unique 360° experience. Viewers can enjoy the game live and individually – following their own paths and different levels: For instance, users can join the team in a time-out, look at statistics or the players’ pulses in the live information or buy fan items at the interactive shop. Moreover, the social media integration offers viewers the chance to get engaged and experience the game together with their friends.

Jury Statement

The Virtual Reality ‘Basketball’ application impressed the jury thanks to its successful handling of immersive technology in a clearly defined use case, with clear added value for users. Alongside virtual layers of information, the system successfully combines the user’s own presence with atmospheric live videos, thus creating a unique means of experiencing large-scale live events. With this approach, the product fulfils modern user expectations for virtual worlds (also gaming) and can thus appeal to a wide range of user groups. Virtual Reality ‘Basketball’ demonstrates how virtual systems expand upon our visual perception, generating value for users through exponential layers of experiences and information, and is a strong example of how virtual technologies will give rise to new business models.

User Experience

The implementation of customer-relevant functions makes the VR Basketball Experience even more intensive than being live at the game, as the user dives into the midst of the action. The visual experience is enhanced by surround sound − an experience that users remember for a long time. The visual experience of the bas-ketball game in VR, the enhanced information and the new dimension of control over the viewed contents result in VR Basketball setting new standards in user experience.