++ UX Design Awards – Autumn 2024 ➜ Enter Now ++ Deep Dive: Gold Award Winners ➜ 24 April

++ UX Design Awards – Autumn 2024 ➜ Enter Now ++ Deep Dive: Gold Award Winners ➜ 24 April


CMC-UX: Mirco Winde, Martina Priese







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Three questions to the project team

What was the particular challenge in the project from a UX point of view?
The COVID-pandemic made classroom trainings impossible in 2020. On our journey to become a truly consumer centered company, we had to find alternative ways to train colleagues regarding UX and other topics. Insights from a Design Thinking sprint showed, employees were bored by the web-based trainings available. That was why we created “Walk with Me” and made it available to every BSH employee, worldwide, for free. So now everyone can decide on their perfect moment for a training, go outside and enjoy fresh air while having a personal coach in your ears. Your path, your pace, your training!

What was your personal highlight in the development process? Was there an aha! moment, was there a low point?
Our personal highlight was, seeing the first walk come to life. First we went for a walk ourselves with the author, talking about our favorite topics, like Design Thinking. Then actually listening to the narrators words, to the final work with music, ambience and sounds. And feedback of course. Finding out, that we actually hit a nerve of colleagues with the idea of a training outside on your own, in fresh air. The lowest point(s) were definitely finding all the obstacles and hurdles we needed to overcome before we could get the series alive and released inside the company.

Where do you see yourself and the project in the next five years?
I believe we will still be working at BSH on some more UX-related projects. The “Walk with Me”-series will be widely known and acknowledged for high quality trainings at BSH or maybe even the mother company BOSCH. Other departments will hop on board and produce trainings about other topics and stories as well, and so it will become a famous library with a vast selection of nice, fun, entertaining and really interesting training experiences. Trainings in general will not be seen as boring any longer but people will rather look forward to their next “Walk with Me”.

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