#Talent Track | 30 June 2021 ➜ Yoguide – Helping The Blind Do Yoga At Home

#Talent Track | 30 June 2021 ➜ Yoguide – Helping The Blind Do Yoga At Home

Proudly presenting the UX Design Awards Winners and Nominees 2020!

UX Design Award | gold

Concept | Philips

Lotus – Next generation NICU

Lotus is a solution for Neonatal Integrative Developmental Care (NICU). It is designed to help families and clinicians provide care that is personalized and in line with the NICU model. It collects and synthesizes information across devices and systems into one intuitive interface. This interface visualizes the holistic status of the baby, helps medics make critical decisions and coordinate care between family and clinical teams to improve outcomes.

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Product | Tympa Health Technologies Ltd / Team Consulting

All-in-one Hearing Health Assessment System

Half a billion people worldwide suffer hearing loss. Despite it being the biggest modifiable risk factor for prevention of dementia, more complex conditions often get priority. Hearing can be improved by simple wax removal, allowing diagnosis and treatment of other causes of hearing loss. Access to care is disjointed with patients being passed between different specialists. The Tympa system brings the clinic to the community, providing everyone with access to comprehensive, affordable ear care.

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New Talent | Erik Weiss, Lars Schönfelder, Valentin von Uslar-Gleichen

Nachklang - An Interactive Sound Installation

The "Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe" was erected in 2005 as a memorial to approximately six million murdered Jews in Berlin. If one observes the events on site, it quickly becomes clear that especially young visitors often do not understand the meaning of the memorial. Young people lack a personal connection to the Holocaust. Nachklang stages the stories of contemporary witnesses in a novel way and enables an emotional experience at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.

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UX Design Award | Nominated