++ Nominees Announced ➜ 18 July ++ Be the Next Winner ➜ How to Enter

++ Nominees Announced ➜ 18 July ++ Be the Next Winner ➜ How to Enter

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In their presentation Florian Jörgensen, Sarah Gelb-Wiegand and Daniil Starikov will walk us through their award-winning project „Planner“, a solution for digitizing industrial production.

About the Project: Planner

Winner of the UX Design Award | Product 2023

Download the presentation (PDF)

Planner is an app for planning production at Heidelberg Materials cement plants. It allows users to mitigate high costs due to energy market volatility by shifting to more cost-effective production times and when the share of renewable energy is higher. Using real-time data from energy prices, material stock and machine availability, users can make better planning decisions. Planner also seamlessly supports the plan execution and provides operational transparency to all stakeholders.

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UXDA Jury members Lisa Gerkens & Nancy Birkhölzer:

»The Planner application successfully optimizes a complex production process by combining internal operations and external data sources. The development was based on consistent user research with the goal of making cement production more cost-effective, efficient and sustainable. The jury appreciates the clear problem definition and the clear explanation of the business case and USP. The design is straightforward and fulfills its purpose. The inclusion of real-time data and predicted energy levels can have a remarkable effect on solving a complex and relevant problem.«

About the Format:

Deep Dive: Award Winners presents outstanding projects from the professional Award categories Product and Concept. The format, interactive live presentations followed by a Q&A session, offers behind-the-scenes insights into award-winning projects and facilitates a dialogue with successful experience design teams.

Presented by Ake Rudolf, Head of Strategy / Award Director, International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)


Florian Jörgensen

UX Design Lead, Heidelberg Materials

Sarah Gelb-Wiegand

Senior UX Researcher, Heidelberg Materials

Daniil Starikov

Product Owner, Heidelberg Materials