1 March at 5pm CET: Winners revealed ➜ Register

1 March at 5pm CET: Winners revealed ➜ Register

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Pediatric Radiology Experience

In their presentation Director Humanizing Healthcare Design Alexandra Zahn and User Experience Designer Anna Weidner walk us through their award-winning project „Pediatric Radiology Experience“.

About the Project: Pediatric Radiology Experience

Winner of the UX Design Award | Product 2022

Gerda the Brave Giraffe is a holistic approach to pediatric radiology preparation that encourages children to enter an examination positively. They are accompanied throughout their Patient Journey and can actively participate in the preparation. Starting with the referring physician until after the exam, different materials help to reduce anxiety and stress of patients, parents and clinical staff and to decrease the number of sedations.

UXDA Jury member Markus Turber about the project:

»The character “Gerda the Brave Giraffe” accompanies children who need an MRI scan throughout a well-designed experience journey. The story helps kids become knowledgeable through print and audio media. This service is a game changer, as it shifts the status from affected patients to engaged children. As fear and powerlessness turn into curiosity and expertise, trust and patience towards the medical procedure grows, reducing the need to apply sedatives. Pediatric Radiology is a charming project!«

About the Format:

Deep Dive: Award Winners presents outstanding projects from the professional Award categories Product and Concept. The format, interactive live presentations followed by a Q&A session, offers behind-the-scenes insights into award-winning projects and facilitates a dialogue with successful experience design teams.

Presented by Ake Rudolf, Head of Strategy / Award Director, International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)


Alexandra Zahn

Director Humanizing Healthcare Design at Siemens Healthineers

Anna Weidner

User Experience Designer