++ Make it Count! UX Design Awards – Autumn 2024 ➜ Enter Now

++ Make it Count! UX Design Awards – Autumn 2024 ➜ Enter Now

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Digitizing Road Management Services

In this Deep Dive Christian Wehle, Product Manager, vialytics GmbH, and Andy Kozma, Chief Revenue Officer, vialytics GmbH, will walk us through the award-winning project „ The Intelligent Road Management App”.

About the Project: Vialytics

Winner of the UX Design Award | Product 2023

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vialytics is a digital Road Management System consisting of a smartphone incorporating the developed smartphone app linked with the vialytics web system. The smartphone and the app automatically record the condition of traffic roads, bike lanes and other areas as well as infrastructure objects.

UXDA Jury members Tracy Rolling & Gennett Aku Agbenu:

»The vialytics app excels by focusing on a specific problem for a clearly defined user group: municipalities that are required to document and maintain public roadways. Vialytics isn't the only product on the market using AI to identify road damage, but it stands out. The connected steering wheel hardware allows drivers to capture data in a timely and secure manner without having to interact with their cell phones. The overall UX is simple and gets the job done.«

About the Format:

Deep Dive: Award Winners presents outstanding projects from the professional Award categories Product and Concept. The format, interactive live presentations followed by a Q&A session, offers behind-the-scenes insights into award-winning projects and facilitates a dialogue with successful experience design teams.

Presented by Ake Rudolf, Head of Strategy / Award Director, International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)


Christian Wehle

Product Manager vialytics GmbH

Andy Kozma

Chief Revenue Officer vialytics GmbH