UX Design Awards – Spring 2024 ➜ Call for Entries

UX Design Awards – Spring 2024 ➜ Call for Entries


In their presentation Creative Director Leopold Hoepner and Lead Software Developer Antoine Nivet from why do birds walk us through their award-winning project „MusiCurve“.

About the Project: MusiCurve

Winner of the "UX Design Award | Product 2022

why do birds has developed an easy-to-use software tool that allows users to change the intensity of a given music-piece and adapt it to the dramaturgy of a film. The target group are marketing-, HR-, social media managers and designers in corporations with little or no knowledge of music software and teams that do not have a budget to hire a sound studio to do the dubbing for a film production.

UXDA-Jury Member Tapani Jokinen about the project:

The concept of MusiCurve is brilliantly simple and easy to use. It does not require any specialist skills and enables everybody to set up a video with a perfectly matching sound in a self-explanatory way. The solution adequately fits the needs of its target group, and greatly reduces the effort needed for an otherwise time-consuming and complex process.

About the Format:

Deep Dive: Award Winners presents outstanding projects from the professional Award categories Product and Concept. The format, interactive live presentations followed by a Q&A session, offers behind-the-scenes insights into award-winning projects and facilitates a dialogue with successful experience design teams.

Presented by Ake Rudolf, Head of Strategy / Award Director, International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)


Leopold Hoepner

Creative Director, why do birds

Antoine Nivet

Lead Software Developer, why do birds